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Years (The I Know Who I Want to Take Me Home Remix)
Mal lives for trouble. And what Jayne don't understand is that not ever tryin' is the biggest trouble of all.
Mal/Jayne implied. PG. 1979 words. Remix of #010 - Years by ximeria. written for Remix Redux V.

the 4400

a stitch in time
Time-lapse photography against the still scenery.

Shawn/Isabelle. PG-13. ~850 words. Theories post-3.03, "Being Tom Baldwin."


Heroes/Torchwood/Doctor Who crossover: A person can be innocently walking down a street in any city, trying not to be super angry that her father completely lied to her about her entire life, and can just blink-- and then all of the sudden she's inside some creepy concrete building with a really weird-ass layout, being shot at.
Ensemble. PG-13. ~2400 words. Spoilers through Torchwood 1.13, "End of Days"; new Doctor Who 2.13, "Doomsday,"; and Heroes 1.11, "Fallout."


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