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venn diagram

The thought always takes him by surprise.
Sam-centric gen. PG. 362 words. Spoilers for 1.01 "Pilot," 2.03 "Bloodlust," and 2.16 "Roadkill."
Written for such_jaunt during LJ Big/Little week.

seeing is believing

Jess knows she should be embarrassed when he catches her staring...
Sam/Jess. PG13. 167 words. Pre-series; no spoilers. Written for spn_het_love's These Are a Few of My Favorite Things challenge.

out of a gunnysack

Sam finds a hunt at Stanford.
Sam-centric gen. PG. 1093 words. Pre-series; no spoilers. Written for amchara for the spn_summergen ficathon. Title from "Red Rabbits" by The Shins.

slow night soft light

Supernatural/Heroes crossover: If Meredith didn’t know better, she’d think this was the kid brother Nathan was always talking about.
Dean Winchester/Meredith Gordon. Mentions of Nathan Petrelli. PG-13. 887 words. Spoilers through Heroes 1.15, "Run!" No Supernatural spoilers. Set around 2004; before both series, and while Sam was at Stanford.

the lakeverse

An accidental time traveler. An accidental family.
Supernatural/The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
Spoilers through Supernatural 2.01, "In My Time of Dying" and for The Time Traveler's Wife.

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